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Be Approved and Gain Access to Disability Benefits

We advocate on your behalf to prove your disability. We know how the system works and can cut through complicated bureaucratic procedures to get your case approved at the earliest level of the administrative process.

We make a comprehensive presentation of your case facts to agency adjudicators using disability policy terms and rules. Our approach is a proven way for you to be approved and gain access to disability benefits.

Compassionate Client Advocacy – Cardea is on your side.
Dedicated Disability Lawyers – You have everything to gain by choosing Cardea.

Choose to Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer at Cardea Disability, LLC

There are several reasons why it is important to work with a disability lawyer at Cardea Disability, LLC when filing or appealing a Social Security disability claim. When we represent you, we show our commitment by providing you with information, guidance, and support at every step by taking the following actions:

  • Assist you with completing and filing the initial disability claim application.
  • Advocate your disability case and represent you in all administrative levels of appeal.
  • Help obtain all the medical evidence from your physicians, specialists, and others to prove your disability.
  • Stay in touch with you so that we are aware of your current situation and current medical condition.
  • File a memorandum with the Office of Hearings Operations’ Administrative Law Judge setting out all the relevant medical and vocational aspects of your case to prove your disability.
  • Have a pre-hearing conference with you prior to the hearing with an Administrative Law Judge to make sure that you are prepared.